Wait Staff Services

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Event size

The more guests you expect, the more wait staff or bartenders you will need. A standard rule is one waiter per table of eight to 12 people for seated dining and two staffers per buffet station. It’s recommended that you have at least two bartender for every 50 to 70 guests—or more if you are serving blender drinks or specialty cocktails with more than three ingredients.

Event length

The length of an event also affects cost. A continuous party is straightforward, but some events, such as wedding receptions, may be paced so that wait staff greet guests with glasses of champagne and pass appetizers before guests sit down for the meal. Such details will likely add to your final bill.

Cost-saving strategies

The best way to save money when wait staff is to provide as many details as possible about your event to the service provider upfront. Giving this information also helps ensure that they don't send too many or too few staffers to your event.


Our Services

Wait staff 4 hour minimum at $35 per hour.

Bartenders 4 hour minimum at $45 per hour.

Projector manager 4 hour minimum at $55 per hour.