Summer florals for your wedding

It is important that you choose flowers that are in season for your summer wedding so I have included some of the best flowers you can use in your bouquets for those outdoor weddings!

Orchids are a perfect flower for your summer wedding because it can handle the heat & goes with the summer theme!

Hydrangeas are another perfect flower to use in your bouquets. This is a very popular flower that I have seen time and time again for every summer wedding. They can handle the humidity and not outrageous when it comes to price.

A rose THRIVES when it come to the heat. They open up and are gorgeous!!! Now, they are a little more on the expensive side, but they are always considered a classy & elegant flower to have in any floral arrangement.

These are just a couple floral arrangements that do well in this summer heat, but there are several others that will w

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